Affordable Homes on the Main Line

Deals and Steals in the 2010 Economy

Most Affordable on the Main Line?

I've often been asked if are any houses on the Main Line at or under $200K. While there isn't a ton of stuff in that range on the Main Line, there are definitely a few great deals to be had.

Not including condos or apartments, there are some great townhouses and twins. There are only a handful of singles at or under $200K.

What Really is the Main Line?

Trying to determine what exactly is the Main Line, where one town ends and another begins, which township, county, school district etc. is best can be daunting to decipher. The Main Line is made up of a bunch of towns ranging from unincorporated communities, villages, boroughs, incorporated communities, etc.

There are definitely great deals to be had.

The way I would break it down is by school district however. Actually, there isn't any difference between Villanova and Bryn Mawr or Wynnewood and Ardmore. That's why when you ask someone where they live on the Main Line, they might say Lower Merion rather than Bryn Mawr. Also confusing is the fact some places are in two counties, but share the same zip (i.e. Villanova is in both Montgomery County and Delaware County and has both Lower Merion township and Radnor township, but both are zip 19085 and both are equally nice).

So, when looking at these homes to make it easy, I would break it down like this: If it is in Lower Merion or Radnor it is definitely Main Line and very desirable. Tredyfrrin-Easttown is also great (it combined with the other 2 above kind of comprise the 3 places viewed as the true Main Line school districts), but if you see that district that means you are looking at a home in Wayne, which once again may be too far for you.

Now, you are going to see a few places that say Delaware County in Haverford Township, and this is usually in Ardmore (19003). Haverford Township is a very nice place, but is not true Main Line. Remember the thing that most drives property values is school district and Radnor and Lower Merion are the "it" places. So, while Haverford Township is a great place to live, it is not true Main Line and not quite as solid an investment as Lower Merion or Radnor. Many people when looking for homes in the area do it because they want their kid in the Lower Merion or Radnor school districts.

By the way, Haverford Township is not to be confused with Haverford, a prestigious unincorporated community located in Lower Merion Township. While most of the Haverford Township places you will see are in Ardmore (since maybe a third of Ardmore is in Haverford), you might see the odd Bryn Mawr or Wynnewood zip saying Haverford Township as well. There are a few other little exceptions, but if you focus your search on Lower Merion or Radnor that is all you really need to keep in mind. Don't overlook some of the Ardmore homes that are in Lower Merion however, as you might accidentally skip over them thinking it's Haverford Township.

How to Search

Do your search up to $300K. Not do this to make you lust for something more than you want to pay, but because (a), it's good for you to see the difference between 300K and 200K homes and (b), some of these places will drop and price and could eventually be had for 200K. You'll see some $300ishK houses and wonder why they are more than another house that is $230K that looks equally good. If you see a situation like that it is probably because the $230K house has been on the market for 9 months and was $300K before then, while the $300K one was just put on the market and hasn't yet faced the harsh reality of this market. So, some of these houses have already been on for months and have dropped thousands.

Featured Listing

Villanova Home for Sale

This attractive contemporary home is for sale in north Villanova (Lower Merion Township) on a level one-acre lot. In the heart of the Main Line, this home is near the estate section of Villanova. Houses on the street have sold for over a million dollars (house next door sold for 1.4 million). The lot itself is worth the asking price. This is a fabulous opportunity to get into the prestigious Main Line, in a multi-million dollar neighborhood with blue ribbon schools, for a reasonable price. House is close to numerous local Septa stops (a 19 minute ride to center city), the 476, the 76, the fabulous King of Prussia shopping center and Villanova University.

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Main Line Real Estate

Best Values on the Main Line

Each day Realtor Matt Jahn scours the new listings for the finest estates and best values the Pennsylvania Main Line has to offer. This includes new listings, short sales, foreclosures, and new construction. Matt has an excellent eye for a quality find, and his top selections rarely stay on the market long; sometimes they are under contract within days of becoming available. Don't miss out on your dream Main Line home, whether it be a condo or sprawling estate. Contact Matt today for an appointment to see the best the Main Line has to offer. Read his Guide to Main Line Real Estate to learn more about the many communities he serves.

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Main Line Schools

Top-Notch Education

The Main Line has many excellent features, but one of its greatest assets is its many nationally recognized and ranked public and private schools. Not only does the Main Line have some of the best and highest rated grade schools, but is home to many world-class colleges and universities as well. One of the driving forces of real estate prices and a big part of desirability is an area's school system. Whether you are looking for a great school for your children, or want a good school system for resale value, the Main Line fulfills these criteria. With high test scores, low teacher to student ratios, and a lot of tax money going into the system, you cannot go wrong with any school district on the Main Line.

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Prudential Office

Haverford Home Marketing Center

Prudential Fox & Roach Realtors are the #1 Realtor on the Main Line and the #1 single-market Realtor in the country. Our market dominance and resources give us an unmatched ability to perform for you. Whether you are buying, selling, renting, or relocating, when you call on Prudential Fox & Roach, you access a network of passionate professionals with rock-solid, real-world connections and the best marketing technology in the business. We create a positive experience and add value to all those we impact. Our professionalism is a role model for our industry and the public.

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